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O'Reilly: Let's pierce our comfort zones

Newsday 19 Apr 2021
Updated April 19, 2021 6.00 AM. There isn’t a lot I recall from the college classroom. My visits therein were appallingly rare. But Kelly’s Construct Theory cries out from some foggy psychology lecture hall memory, demanding fresh reflection in a digital age ... Prof ... Then, with dramatic flair, he marked a fat new chalk mark outside the construct circle.

Why Online Scams Overwhelmingly Target Straight People

Vice 19 Apr 2021
Dr Sharon Coen, senior lecturer in media and social media psychology at the University of Salford, tells me that the effectiveness of scams relates to “routes of persuasion” in our brains ... Psychology-wise, it’s also much easier to tell when someone else is being scammed, she says, than when you are the victim.

2021 UNCG Faculty Award recipients

News & Record 16 Apr 2021
The 2021 UNCG Faculty Award recipients have been announced. They are.. Teaching AwardsUNC BOG Excellence in Teaching Award. Rebecca MacLeod, professor, School of Music ... James Y ... Chris Wahlheim, assistant professor, department of psychology ... Pamela Ladrow, senior lecturer, department of psychology ... Gabriela Livas Stein, professor, department of psychology.

Is talking to my baby in a sing-song voice the best way to speak to her?

The Independent 16 Apr 2021
Dr. Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez, a senior lecturer in psychology at Oxford Brookes University has just been involved in an international study into babies’ responses to baby-talk, compared to adult-talk. She says ... .

Psychological health is gaining more attention, especially among China's urban population 16 Apr 2021
He believes that this may even lead to psychological depression and suicidal thoughts ... Companies, too, have given prominence to the mental health of their employees by inviting specialists to give lectures, providing regular psychological counseling and organizing interactive events.

Have introverts actually coped better with lockdown?

Metro UK 16 Apr 2021
Lis Ku, senior lecturer in psychology, De Montfort University. ... According to personality theories, extroversion-introversion constitutes one of the fundamental psychological axes along which people differ ... Introverts do not tend to experience such benefits ... In psychology, extroversion is associated with better wellbeing, happiness and mental health ... .

David Holmgren’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process – Part One

Resilience 16 Apr 2021
Half the staff budget was for visiting lecturers and outside professionals ... At the time, he was a lecturer in the psychology faculty, a senior tutor actually ... And was he lecturing in psychology at the same school? ... And then he gave me this lecture on the I Ching and a whole lot of ...

What is scream therapy and could it help you to beat stress?

RTE 14 Apr 2021
Aside from hoping the neighbours don’t call the police, I’m trying to find out whether screaming has any benefits for relieving lockdown stress ... Dr ... Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler, senior lecturer in psychology at Birmingham City University ... Sarita Robinson, deputy head of psychology and computer science at University of Central Lancashire ... .

Handshakes and hugs are good for you — it’s vital they make a comeback after the pandemic

Metro UK 12 Apr 2021
Getty Images/iStockphoto) ... Advertisement ... In cultures where such habits have been customary for centuries, doing so will have a host of social, psychological and biological benefits ... Simon Nicholas Williams, senior lecturer in people and organisation, and Kimberly Dienes, lecturer in clinical and health psychology, both at Swansea University ... MORE ... .

What Does It Mean to Be a ‘Vessel’ for Music?

The Epoch Times 12 Apr 2021
First of all, behind this idea is a certain psychology that goes with performing or creating music, especially in public.

7 Match Star Ratings For WWE WrestleMania 37 - Night 2

What Culture 12 Apr 2021
To read the star-rated breakdown of the wonderful WrestleMania 37 Night 1, click here. For a probably overdue reminder of the system itself. ... ★★★★¾ is an amazing, mind-blowing or incredibly productive/momentous match that isn't quite on the immortal level. A ★★★★½ match contends for Match of the Year ... And this company will lecture you about psychology.

Covid and twins: 'Huge' impact of lockdown separation

BBC News 11 Apr 2021
Dr Dienes, a lecturer in clinical and health psychology at Swansea University, said twins had a "unique relationship" and, combined with a "unique pandemic", that made for a "unique experience". "These are people so used to this high degree and high intensity of emotional and psychological closeness ... She said ... .

The importance of bringing hugs and handshakes back after the pandemic

RTE 09 Apr 2021
Simon Nicholas Williams is a senior lecturer in People and Organisation at Swansea University and Kimberly Dienes is a lecturer in Clinical and Health Psychology, Swansea University. This article was originally published by The Conversation.

Jordan Peterson on being Marvel's new Captain America villain  

Toronto Sun 08 Apr 2021
A professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Peterson first rose to prominence in 2016 for a series of YouTube lectures in which he spoke out against identity politics, and in particular against a federal government push to criminalize discrimination against “gender ...